•                         Splat

               british cemetery - bayeux
    the american graves only have name and rank on them but the british ones have messages from the families. this one court are eye

    "we often speak your name but all we have to treasure is your picture in a frame"

     dungeness light house.


    you looking a me...?
    julia taking a photo me on here crapy phone check out her image here

    soho walk up
    another soho walk up conveniently next to a sex shop

    hastings traffic light in perspex
    this works better with blue skys i think

    prudence never pays

    this was for a tattoo. one of the things i get people doing is engaging with strangers so that they can get shots that they might not of got。

     beachdown by day.

    Anna Carlson walking in to much shot naughty girl!

     wheres the rest of it.